SUPMX-73367-2, SuperMax SuperBrush 36x2 Double Brush Sander, 3Ph (includes 2 brushes, caster set, and ProScale DRO)

Sanding wood of different calibers, along with finish absorption, etc.

Raw Wood Sanding | White Wood Sanding Break sharp edges Open grain for even finish absorption Blend out minor defects Sealer Sanding | Primer Sanding | Scuff Sanding Removes raised fibers and grain (denib/defuzz). Degloss previously finished wood. Clean reclaimed wood. Wire brushing Distress (weathered/Southwest finish). Pull out soft grain to create textured surface. These easy to use machines come with an extremely low learning curve and offer many different features which include: quick change brush heads, infinitely variable brush and conveyor speeds to allow for endless finish possibilities, adjustable tension rollers to prevent stock slippage, and precision height adjustments. Our SuperBrush™ sanders come in sizes ranging from 24” to 49” with single and/or double brush head offerings to meet all your finishing needs.


  • Brush rotation is reversible (first brush)
  • RPM gauge displays brush speed, variable 400-1200 RPM
  • Power and manual height adjustment, high speed and adjustable speed, controls 3/32 per turn
  • Digital Read Out
    • Displays how much material is being removed per pass
    • Displays zero when the desired thickness is reached
    • Displays the actual thickness of the stock as it exits the sander


Sanding Capacity: Maximum Width (in): 24, 36 or 49
Minimum Length (in): 11
Maximum Thickness (in): 9, varies with brush style
Minimum Thickness (in): 1/32, varies by application
Dimensions HxWxD (in): 24” model: 67 x 46 x 54
36” model: 67 x 58 x 54
49″ model: 50 x 71 x 31
Brush (in): 9-12 typical diameter
Typical Bristle Length: 1-1/2 – 3”
Speed: ranged variable, 400-1200 RPM brush
Dust Hood: (steel with hinged back) 24″ model: Four (4), 4″ vacuum ports, 1800 CFM min.
36″ model: Six (6), 4″ vacuum ports, 1800 CFM min.
49″ model: Six (6), 4″ vacuum ports, 2400 CFM min.
Conveyor Motor: 220 in.-lb. torque, direct drive D.C. motor, ranged variable 0-30 FPM
Drive Motor (TEFC): 24″, 36″ models: (2) 7-1/2HP
49″ models: (2) 10HP
Power Requirements: 24″, 36″ models: 208-230V, 60HZ, 3 Ph, 20 amp service (2)
49″ model:208-230V, 60HZ, 3 Ph, 30 amp service (2)
Shipping Weight (lbs): 24” model: 1100
36” model: 1340
49″ model: 1550
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