MBAND205200, Laguna Tools Italian LT20 Bandsaw

The Laguna Tools LT 20 bandsaw fits great between our LT18 and LT24 models. The large table and 20 inch resaw height open additional opportunities to show off your woodworking skills. This European saw features a 5 HP motor to provide plenty of power to tackle whatever job comes your way. The standard high/low resaw fence, geared trunnions and EZ tension indicator make operation a breeze. Our award-winning Laguna Guide system features thumb screws for quick adjustment and precision control. *Blade Not Included

MBAND205200, Laguna Tools Italian LT20 Bandsaw

The LT20 has massive 20-plus inches of resaw, (enough to satisfy any woodworker’s cutting appetite) and cast-iron flywheels, fence and table. The modern steel frame is manufactured in Italy and assembled with the “Laguna Collection” of features to ensure you get the most out of this Italian work of art.



  • Motor: 5 HP
  • Resaw: 20-3/8″
  • Cutting material: Wood
  • Volts: 220
  • Amp Breaker: 40
  • Min. Blade: 1/8″
  • Max. Blade: 1-3/8″
  • Throat: 19″
  • Table Size: 19″ x 25″
  • Blade Length: 176″
  • Table Height: 35″
  • Rack/Pinion: yes
  • Foot Brake: yes
  • Guides: Laguna Guides
  • Base Size: 15″ x 29″
  • Height: 86″
  • Weight: 585 lbs.
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