Supermax 16-32 Drumsander, Save time and keep your shop clean!

Supermax 16-32 Drumsander, Save time and keep your shop clean!

Supermax 16-32 Drumsander, Save time and keep your shop clean!

The Supermax 16-32 Drum Sander – designed with new features to improve productivity. Not only does this drum sander speed up productivity, it also helps keep your workshop clean with superior dust collection. The newly patented Quick Adjustment Lever creates a faster way to change the drum height and allows it to move from 0 to 3 inches with one pull of a lever versus multiple revolutions of the hand wheel.

This Quick Adjustment Lever complements the patented Fast Lever, which allows quick adjustments for wide and narrow stock for flawless sanding. Additional elements include the Turbo Vented Dust Port – created with a impeller-like design that improves dust collection by 15 percent, a Built-In DRO to pair with SuperMax Tools’ INTELLISAND Technology, and the new Folding Infeed/Outfeed Tables (SUPMX-71632-7F). The tables can be purchased separately and offer extra support for larger stock, as well as easy storage in shops with limited space.

The newly upgraded SuperMax 16-32 drum sander has a number of features that make sanding every easier. Changing belts is a breeze – you can remove a belt and install a different grit belt in about the same time it takes you to change the blade on a table saw (and a heck of a lot quicker than installing a blade on a bandsaw). Adjusting conveyor belt tracking and aligning the drum parallel to the conveyor belt table is straight forward and uncomplicated. Moving the drum head up and down now takes a couple of seconds – no more arduous hand cranking. You can make precise manual adjustments to the cutting depth down to an amazing 1/128". And, my favorite enhancement, conveyor belt speed is automatically regulated.

Another significant change from previous models of the 16-32 is the rear placement of the Gear Motor. This allows for stock to be pulled through, rather than pushed, to improve conveyor belt tracking.

Additional accessories can be purchased separately, including our new Expandable Roller Conveyor for larger, longer material support and a set of four Caster Wheels for mobility in the shop.

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